2084 and Beyond

2084 and Beyond positions the reader into the future, looking back to the early years of the twenty-first century: today’s world. The reader learns how humans, facing dangers to their existence, decided to make accelerated changes to their genetic and mental makeup. They had begun to use weapons of mass destruction on themselves. If left undone, the humans were racing toward a world of chaos and destruction.


The pace of development of the human’s use of tools for destruction outpaced the human’s possible hesitations about using them.

Humans never discovered all the secrets of the universe. On the scientific side, it came down to mathematical verification. On the religious side, it came down to faith.

Our behavior is embedded deeply into our souls, chiseled onto our genome and gray matter with the imprints of ancient human tribal hierarchies.

Readers’ Comments

"I was overwhelmed by your insights and philosophical musing on the past, present, and the possibilities of what the future holds for the planet earth and its current inhabitants."
-- Spencer, Long Beach

"2084 and Beyond is truly a great creation."
 -- Sylvia, Vernon

"I am getting a little deeper into the book. My first impression is astonishment."
-- Rob, San Francisco

Uyless Black

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