The Light Side of Little Texas
The rural country of southeastern New Mexico serves as the backdrop for a young boy’s adventures on his father’s ranch and in his small community. Later years recount his teenage experiences. The book’s concluding chapters tell of his returning to this childhood home as an adult; about how things have changed but have also remained the same.


Some Texans claim Lea County is more like Texas than Texas is like Texas.

Rodeo dances seemed to invite brawls. I suspected the fighting cowboys had been watching too many western movies.

A few men lingered around the campfire, telling tales in Spanish. Occasionally they tried English, in deference to their eight-year old guest---who was captivated by the strangeness of the Mexicans, their music, and their plaintive flamenco yells. He was grateful for their kindness and attention.

Readers’ Comments

"Black’s 'Confessions of a Southern Baptist' was hilarious. I practically spit hot chocolate all over my office when I read the story."
-- Pat, Carlsbad

"Loved Black’s 'Lost in Lea County'…Very nicely done."
-- Bill, Arlington

"Once again, Black has drawn some great mental pictures for all of us to enjoy."
-- Barbara, Kennewicki

Uyless Black

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