Your On the Street Reporter
Your On the Street Reporter is a collection of essays Uyless Black began writing in January, 2005. The first is a report on the Presidential Inauguration in the nation’s capital.

The Reporter travels to many parts of America and the world to keep you informed about subjects as varied as looking for Elvis in Memphis, Dick Chaney and Joe Biden at the National Press Club, the financial meltdown, and Michael Vick’s love of the canine world.

The reports are written in newspaper style, with short paragraphs and photos to hold your attention and keep you entertained.


Honey, I can’t wait ‘till tomorrow, ‘cause I’m getting richer every day!
-- A financial executive to his wife…just before the meltdown.

With so much plastic surgery, it becomes impossible to appreciate natural beauty, which is leading to the demise of beauty contests. All entries are equally beautiful, and everyone ties for first place.

Readers’ Comments

"I love Black’s dialogue and the way he connects so many ideas in his flow."
-- JoAnna, Albuquerque

"The reports on the financial crisis were great; fantastic research."
-- Greg, Washington

Uyless Black

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